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A theme based movie podcast that offers in-depth reviews of films across the whole spectrum of film history from the silent era to modern day classics and new releases. Accompanied by our never ending film festivals, interviews and top 5's we will enthrall you with ridiculousness, knowledge and humor. We drink, we curse, and most reviews contain spoilers, so be weary. Voted Best New Podcast by SLC's City Weekly come be a fly on the wall of our conversations about the art form that we love with the ever so cultured and hilarious Adam Sherlock and Adam Palcher.

Sep 13, 2021

This episode we dive into the classic intro scene of Frank and his gang from one of the best westerns of all time with Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West starring Henry Fonda. What a scene! Enjoy!


Sep 8, 2021

This week we dig into a new festival where we review graphic novels and comic books that have nothing to do with superheroes. Max Allan Collins gripping story of fathers and sons in the 1930's revolves around a young boy witnessing the murder of a mob killing and the backlash to his family in Sam Mendes Road To...

Sep 3, 2021

This week we get into one of the many EPIC scenes from Alfonso CuarĂ³n's post-apocalyptic sci-fi masterpiece Children of Men. For That One Scene we concentrate on the ping pong ball car scene. If you know, then you know. Let's get into it! Enjoy!

Aug 27, 2021

This week we dive into how silliness in films is necessary and important for us as audience members. We go through the history of silliness in movies and see how it's changed and not changed over the years. Great discussion! Enjoy!

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Aug 21, 2021

This week we dive into that classic opening scene from Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey and try and break down the dawn of man.

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