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A theme based movie podcast that offers in-depth reviews of films across the whole spectrum of film history from the silent era to modern day classics and new releases. Accompanied by our never ending film festivals, interviews and top 5's we will enthrall you with ridiculousness, knowledge and humor. We drink, we curse, and most reviews contain spoilers, so be weary. Voted Best New Podcast by SLC's City Weekly come be a fly on the wall of our conversations about the art form that we love with the ever so cultured and hilarious Adam Sherlock and Adam Palcher.

Dec 31, 2009

You have to keep carrying the fire, the fire inside our listener choice review of John Hillcoat's post-apocalyptic tale The Road. Along with that Sherlock and Palcher give their top movies of 2009. Hell of a year for movies and for this podcast, thanks everyone!

Dec 27, 2009

Happy Holidays! Yeah, our Christmas Special is two days late, but it's about giving, not recieving gifts, right? So where is OUR free f**king podcast? Anyway, listen to the Adams reminisce about holidays past. Plus, our rant about the Twilight Movies. See you guys next week!

Dec 18, 2009

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Podcast and you podcast alone. This week we review the ruthless Korean revenge classic Oldboy. To continue with the Tony Scott festival we match up another revenge-ridden film Scott's Man On Fire. To appropriately match everything up we give our Top 5 Revenge Movies. Make sure to...

Dec 11, 2009

This week we rob banks with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as we review the rock star bank robber classic Bonnie & Clyde. We also continue our Tony Scott festival with the wonderful True Romance. To top it all off we give our Top 5 Partners in Crime. Music by Hello Amsterdam and Still Breaking Hearts.

Dec 5, 2009

Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled, 'Aaaaaaah?' Well now we have as we review Edgar Wright's sophomore film, the buddy cop spoof Hot Fuzz. We also begin our Tony Scott film festival the king of one-liners Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans in The Last Boy Scout. To top it off we give our 5 favorite bad movie...