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A theme based movie podcast that offers in-depth reviews of films across the whole spectrum of film history from the silent era to modern day classics and new releases. Accompanied by our never ending film festivals, interviews and top 5's we will enthrall you with ridiculousness, knowledge and humor. We drink, we curse, and most reviews contain spoilers, so be weary. Voted Best New Podcast by SLC's City Weekly come be a fly on the wall of our conversations about the art form that we love with the ever so cultured and hilarious Adam Sherlock and Adam Palcher.

May 27, 2009

A little bird told us we should review Stephen Sodebergh's Traffic this week. Along with that review we also begin our Werner Herzog festival with his latest release, Encounters At The End Of The World. And round out the episode with out TOP 5 Drug Movies. Thanks for listening!

May 24, 2009

It's beyond my control, you see...... This week the guys are joined by Sherlock's lovely wife, Abby. In celebration of the shot of estrogen in the show, we review the 1988 Stephen Frears classic sexual revenge tale, Dangerous Liaisons. And to show our bold diversity, we then delve into the Ahnold tour de force Commando,...

May 19, 2009

Don't quit your gay job as we review the Shane Black hilarious directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Along with that we continue our Dick Flicks festival and review the Shane Black written favorite Lethal Weapon. Our TOP 5 got a little fucked this week so we have a partial Top 5 of best 4th Wall movies. Thanks...

May 6, 2009

Who said Jean-Claude couldn't act? Welcome to the special episode of A JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAM MOVIE PODCAST, where deconstruct the deconstruction of JCVD himself. To match up with our festival we continue our Dick Flicks festival with another Jean Claude classic Bloodsport. Along with that we give our What The Fuck...